Golfweek's Best 2023: Top 200 Modern Courses in the U.S.

Pacific Dunes at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in Oregon (Courtesy of Bandon Dunes)

Want to play the great modern golf courses in the U.S.? From Hawaii to Boston, we have you covered. So welcome to the Golfweek’s Best 2023 list of the Top 200 Modern Courses built in or after 1960 in the United States.

Each year we publish many lists, with this Top 200 Modern Courses list among the premium offerings. Also extremely popular and significant are the lists for Top 200 Classic Courses 2023, the public-access Best Courses You Can Play in each state and Best Private Courses in each state.

The hundreds of members of our course-ratings panel continually evaluate courses and rate them based on 10 criteria on a points basis of 1 through 10. They also file a single, overall rating on each course. Those overall ratings are averaged to produce these rankings. The top handful of courses in the world have an average rating of above 9, while many excellent layouts fall into the high-6 to the 8 range.

To ensure these lists are up-to-date, Golfweek’s Best in recent years has altered how the individual ratings are compiled into the rankings. Only ratings from rounds played in the past 10 years are included in the compilations. This helps ensure that any course in the rankings still measures up.

Courses also must have a minimum of 25 votes to qualify for the Top 200 Modern or the Top 200 Classic. Other Golfweek’s Best lists, such as Best Courses You Can Play or Best Private, do not require as many votes. This makes it possible that a course can show up on other lists but not on the premium Top 200 lists.

There’s one course of particular note this year. Landmand Golf Club in Homer, Nebraska, debuts the highest of the courses new to this list, climbing into a tie for 26th. Designed by Tad King and Rob Collins, Landmand opened in 2022. It and the Sheep Ranch at Bandon Dunes are the only courses to have opened since 2020 to rank among the top 200.

Each course is listed with its average rating next to the name, then the location, the year it opened and the designers. The list notes in parenthesis next to the name of each course where that course ranked in 2022.

After the designers are several designations that note what type of facility it is:

  • p: private
  • d: daily fee
  • r: resort course
  • t: tour course
  • u: university
  • m: municipal
  • re: real estate
  • c: casino

* Indicates new to or returning to this list.

More Golfweek’s Best for 2023:

Nos. 1-25 Modern Courses

Wade Hampton Club in North Carolina (Courtesy of Wade Hampton Club)

1. Sand Hills (1) 9.10
Mullen, Neb.; 1995; Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw; p

T2. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (Pacific Dunes) (2) 8.57
Bandon, Ore.; 2001; Tom Doak; r, d

T2. Friar’s Head (3) 8.57
Baiting Hollow, N.Y.; 2003; Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw; p

4. Ballyneal (4) 8.30
Holyoke, Colo.; 2006; Tom Doak; p

5. Ohoopee Match Club (5) 8.28
Cobbtown, Ga.; 2018; Gil Hanse, Jim Wagner; p

6. Wade Hampton Club (T7) 8.15
Cashiers, N.C.; 1987; Tom Fazio; re, p

7. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (Old Macdonald) (T7) 8.14
Bandon, Ore.; 2010; Tom Doak, Jim Urbina; r, d

8. Sebonack (6) 8.13
Southampton, N.Y.; 2006; Tom Doak, Jack Nicklaus; p

9. Kohler Whistling Straits (Straits) (9) 8.11
Mosel, Wis.; 1998; Pete Dye; r, d, t

10. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (Bandon Dunes) (11) 8.05
Bandon, Ore.; 1999; David McLay Kidd; r, d

T11. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (Bandon Trails) (14) 8.03
Bandon, Ore.; 2005; Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw; r, d

T11. Muirfield Village (12) 8.03
Dublin, Ohio; 1974; Jack Nicklaus; p, t

13. Shadow Creek (10) 7.98
North Las Vegas, Nev.; 1990; Tom Fazio; r, d, c

14. Kiawah Island Golf Resort (Ocean) (13) 7.97
Kiawah Island, S.C.; 1991; Pete Dye; r, d, t

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T15. Estancia (T19) 7.86
Scottsdale, Ariz.; 1995; Tom Fazio; re, p

T15. Rock Creek Cattle Company (T19) 7.86
Deer Lodge, Mont.; 2008; Tom Doak; re, p

T17. Monterey Peninsula (Shore) (25) 7.81
Pebble Beach, Calif.; 1961; Robert Baldock, Jack Neville, Michael Strantz; p, t

T17. The Golf Club (T15) 7.81
New Albany, Ohio; 1967; Pete Dye; p

T19. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (Sheep Ranch) (18) 7.80
Bandon, Ore.; 2020; Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw; r, d

T19. Honors Course (T19) 7.80
Ooltewah, Tenn.; 1983; Pete Dye; p

T19. Pikewood National (17) 7.80
Morgantown, W.Va.; 2009; John Raese, J. Robert Gwynne; p

22. Calusa Pines (T22) 7.75
Naples, Fla.; 2001; Michael Hurdzan, Dana Fry; p

23. TPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium) (T15) 7.74
Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.; 1980; Pete Dye; r, d, t

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24. Congaree (T22) 7.72
Ridgeland, S.C.; 2017; Tom Fazio; p

25. Kingsley Club (26) 7.67
Kingsley, Mich.; 2001; Mike Devries; p

Nos. 26-50 Modern Courses


Landmand Golf Club in Nebraska (Courtesy of Landmand Golf Club)

T26. Pebble Beach Resorts (Spyglass Hill) (31) 7.66
Pebble Beach, Calif.; 1966; Robert Trent Jones Sr.; r, d, t

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T26. Old Sandwich (24) 7.66
Plymouth, Mass.; 2004; Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw; p

T26. Landmand* 7.66
Homer, Neb.; 2022; Tad King, Rob Collins; d

T29. Colorado GC (T28) 7.65
Parker, Colo.; 2007; Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw; re, p

T29. Kinloch (T28) 7.65
Richmond, Va.; 2000; Lester George; p

31. Whispering Pines (27) 7.63
Trinity, Texas; 2000; Chet Williams; p

T32. Boston Golf Club (T28) 7.60
Hingham, Mass.; 2005; Gil Hanse, Jim Wagner; p

T32. Four Seasons Resort Lanai (Manele) (T32) 7.60
Lanai, Hawaii; 1993; Jack Nicklaus; r, d

T32. Gozzer Ranch (34) 7.60
Harrison, Idaho; 2007; Tom Fazio; re, p

35. Sand Valley (Mammoth Dunes) (T32) 7.59
Nekoosa, Wis.; 2018; David McLay Kidd; r, d, re

36. Sand Valley (Sand Valley) (36) 7.54
Nekoosa, Wis.; 2017; Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw; r, d, re

T37. Streamsong (Red) (T37) 7.50
Bowling Green, Fla.; 2012; Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw; r, d

T37. Dallas National (35) 7.50
Dallas, Texas; 2002; Tom Fazio; p

39. Kapalua (Plantation) (T37) 7.49
Maui, Hawaii; 1991; Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw; r, d, t

40. Dismal River Club (Red) (39) 7.48
Mullen, Neb.; 2013; Tom Doak; p

41. Chambers Bay (52) 7.47
University Place, Wash.; 2007; Robert Trent Jones Jr., Bruce Charlton, Jay Blasi; d, m

42. Butler National (T40) 7.45
Oak Brook, Ill.; 1974; Tom Fazio, George Fazio; p

43. Dunes Club (T43) 7.42
New Buffalo, Mich.; 1995; Dick Nugent; p

44. Pete Dye GC (42) 7.41
Bridgeport, W.Va.; 1994; Pete Dye; p

T45. Robert Trent Jones GC (T40) 7.40
Lake Manassas, Va.; 1991; Robert Trent Jones Sr., Roger Rulewich; p

T45. Spring Hill* 7.40
Wayzata, Minn.; 1999; Tom Fazio; p

T47. Gamble Sands (46) 7.38
Brewster, Wash.; 2014; David McLay Kidd; r, d

T47. Galloway National (45) 7.38
Galloway Township, N.J.; 1995; Tom Fazio; p

T47. Victoria National (T47) 7.38
Newburgh, Ind.; 1998; Tom Fazio; p

50. Oak Tree National (T43) 7.37
Edmond, Okla.; 1976; Pete Dye; re, p

Nos. 51-75 Modern Courses

Streansong Resort

Streamsong Blue in Florida (Courtesy of Streamsong Resort/Laurence Lambrecht)

51. Desert Forest (T47) 7.36
Carefree, Ariz.; 1962; Red Lawrence; p

52. Martis Camp (T50) 7.34
Truckee, Calif.; 2008; Tom Fazio; re, p

T53. Streamsong (Blue) (53) 7.32
Bowling Green, Fla.; 2012; Tom Doak; r, d

T53. Diamond Creek (T47) 7.32
Banner Elk, N.C.; 2003; Tom Fazio; re, p

55. Castle Pines (T58) 7.31
Castle Rock, Colo.; 1981; Jack Nicklaus; re, p

T56. Streamsong (Black) (T50) 7.30
Bowling Green, Fla.; 2017; Gil Hanse, Jim Wagner; r, d

T56. Sutton Bay (T55) 7.30
Agar, S.D.; 2014; Graham Marsh; p

T56. Shooting Star GC (57) 7.30
Teton Village, Wyo.; 2009; Tom Fazio; re, p

T59. Sea Pines Resort (Harbour Town GL) (54) 7.29
Hilton Head Island, S.C.; 1969; Pete Dye; r, d, t

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T59. Quail Hollow Club* 7.29
Charlotte, N.C.; 1961; George Cobb, Tom Fazio; p, t

T61. Bayonne GC (T63) 7.27
Bayonne, N.J.; 2006; Eric Bergstol; p

T61. Shelter Harbor (T55) 7.27
Westerly, R.I.; 2005; Michael Hurdzan, Dana Fry; p

63. Long Cove (T58) 7.26
Hilton Head Island, S.C.; 1982; Pete Dye; re, p

64. Arcadia Bluffs (Bluffs) (T63) 7.25
Arcadia, Mich.; 1999; Warren Henderson, Rick Smith; r, d

T65. Erin Hills (72) 7.24
Erin, Wis.; 2006; Michael Hurdzan, Dana Fry, Ron Whitten; r, d

T65. Valhalla (T74) 7.24
Louisville, Ky.; 1986; Jack Nicklaus; p

T65. Crooked Stick (T63) 7.24
Carmel, Ind.; 1964; Pete Dye; p

T65. Sage Valley (T85) 7.24
Graniteville, S.C.; 2001; Tom Fazio; p

T69. Bluejack National (62) 7.23
Montgomery, Texas; 2016; Tiger Woods; re, p

T69. Grandfather G&CC (Championship) (T58) 7.23
Linville, N.C.; 1968; Ellis Maples; re, p

T71. Mountaintop (T63) 7.22
Cashiers, N.C.; 2007; Tom Fazio; re, p

T71. John’s Island Club (West) (T58) 7.22
Vero Beach, Fla.; 1989; Tom Fazio; re, p

73. Hudson National (69) 7.21
Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y.; 1996; Tom Fazio; p

74. Fallen Oak (70) 7.20
Saucier, Miss.; 2006; Tom Fazio; r, d, c, t

T75. Sea Island (Seaside) (83) 7.19
St. Simons Island, Ga.; 1929; Charles H. Alison, Harry S. Colt, Joe Lee, Tom Fazio;

T75. Hazeltine National (T74) 7.19
Chaska, Minn.; 1962; Robert Trent Jones Sr.; p

Nos. 76-100 Modern Courses

Sweetens Cove in Tennessee (Courtesy of Sweetens Cove)

T77. Olde Farm (71) 7.17
Bristol, Va.; 2001; Bobby Weed; p

T77. Mayacama (76) 7.17
Santa Rosa, Calif.; 2001; Jack Nicklaus; re, p

79. Double Eagle (T63) 7.17
Galena, Ohio; 1991; Jay Morrish, Tom Weiskopf; p

T80. Secession (T81) 7.16
Gibbes Island, S.C.; 1992; Bruce Devlin; p

T80. Shoal Creek (T77) 7.16
Birmingham, Ala.; 1976; Jack Nicklaus; p

T80. Karsten Creek (T81) 7.16
Stillwater, Okla.; 1994; Tom Fazio; d

T80. Jupiter Hills Club (Hills) (T97) 7.16
Tequesta, Fla.; 1970; George Fazio; re, p

84. Sweetens Cove (T63) 7.15
South Pittsburg, Tenn.; 2015; Tad King, Rob Collins; d

T85. Harvester (T77) 7.14
Rhodes, Iowa; 2000; Keith Foster; p

T85. The Bear’s Club (91) 7.14
Jupiter, Fla.; 1999; Jack Nicklaus; re, p

T87. Prairie Club (Dunes) (T79) 7.13
Valentine, Neb. ; 2010; Tom Lehman, Chris Brands; r, d

T87. Primland (Highland) (88) 7.13
Meadows of Dan, Va.; 2006; Donald Steel; r, d

T87. Medalist (T110) 7.13
Hobe Sound, Fla.; 1995; Pete Dye, Greg Norman, Bobby Weed; p

90. Eagle Point (T79) 7.12
Wilmington, N.C.; 2000; Tom Fazio; p

T91. Black Sheep (T85) 7.09
Sugar Grove, Ill.; 2002; David Esler; p

T91. Tributary, The (formerly Huntsman Springs) (73) 7.09
Driggs, Idaho; 2009; David McLay Kidd; re, p

T93. Pinehurst (No. 4) (T89) 7.07
Pinehurst, N.C.; 2018; Gil Hanse, Jim Wagner; r, d

T93. Flint Hills National (T116) 7.07
Andover, Kan.; 1997; Tom Fazio; p

T93. Austin GC (T85) 7.07
Spicewood, Texas; 2001; Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw; p

96. Tradition (T94) 7.05
La Quinta, Calif.; 1997; Arnold Palmer, Ed Seay; re, p

97. Ocean Forest (84) 7.04
Sea Island, Ga.; 1995; Rees Jones; p

98. McArthur (T101) 7.03
Hobe Sound, Fla.; 2002; Tom Fazio, Nick Price; p

T99. Naples National (T92) 7.02
Naples, Fla.; 1993; Michael Hurdzan, Dana Fry; p

T99. Boot Ranch GC (T101) 7.02
Fredericksburg, Texas; 2006; Jim Lipe, Hal Sutton; re, p

Nos. 101-125 Modern Courses

Forest Dunes’ The Loop (Red and Black) in Michigan (Jason Lusk/Golfweek)

T101. Loblolly (T107) 7.02
Hobe Sound, Fla.; 1988; Pete Dye, P.B. Dye; p

T102. Eugene CC (T97) 7.01
Eugene, Ore.; 1967; H. Chandler Egan, Robert Trent Jones Sr.; p

T102. Colleton River (Pete Dye) (T92) 7.01
Bluffton, S.C.; 1998; Pete Dye; re, p

T104. Cuscowilla on Lake Oconee (T94) 7.00
Eatonton, Ga.; 1997; Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw; re, p

T104. Stanwich Club (T99) 7.00
Greenwich, Conn.; 1964; David Gordon, William Gordon, Tom Fazio; p

106. Marquette GC (Greywalls) (T89) 6.99
Marquette, Mich.; 2005; Mike Devries; d

107. Hidden Creek (T99) 6.98
Egg Harbor Township, N.J.; 2002; Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw; p

T108. Clear Creek Tahoe (103) 6.97
Carson City, Nev.; 2009; Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw; re, p

T108. Wild Horse (T110) 6.97
Gothenburg, Neb.; 1999; Dave Axland, Dan Proctor; d

T110. Wine Valley (T124) 6.95
Walla Walla, Wash.; 2009; Dan Hixson; d

T110. Forest Highlands (Canyon) (T94) 6.95
Flagstaff, Ariz.; 1986; Jay Morrish, Tom Weiskopf; re, p

112. Bellerive (T104) 6.94
Creve Couer, Mo.; 1960; Robert Trent Jones Sr., Rees Jones; p, t

T113. Forest Dunes (The Loop Red & Black) (T116) 6.93
Roscommon, Mich.; 2016; Tom Doak; r, d

T113. Spring Island (Old Tabby Links) (T110) 6.93
Okatie, S.C.; 1993; Arnold Palmer, Ed Seay, Brandon Johnson; re, p

T113. Santa Lucia Preserve (T114) 6.93
Carmel , Calif.; 2000; Tom Fazio; re, p

T116. Mossy Oak (T104) 6.92
West Point, Miss.; 2016; Gil Hanse, Jim Wagner; r, d

T116. Stonewall (Old) (T128) 6.92
Elverson, Pa.; 1993; Tom Doak; p

T116. Silvies Valley Ranch (Hankins) (T116) 6.92
Seneca, Ore.; 2017; Dan Hixson; r, d

T116. The Patriot (T114) 6.92
Owasso, Okla.; 2010; Robert Trent Jones Jr.; re, p

T120. Pronghorn (Fazio) (T104) 6.92
Bend, Ore.; 2007; Tom Fazio; re, p

T120. Ridge at Back Brook (T151) 6.92
Ringoes, N.J.; 2002; Tom Fazio; p

T120. High Ridge* 6.92
Lantana, Fla.; 1980; Joe Lee, Kipp Schulties; p

T123. Kohler Blackwolf Run (River) (T116) 6.91
Kohler, Wis.; 1988; Pete Dye; r, d

T123. Desert Highlands (T135) 6.91
Scottsdale, Ariz.; 1983; Jack Nicklaus; re, p

T123. Southern Highlands (T151) 6.91
Las Vegas; 1999; Robert Trent Jones Sr., Robert Trent Jones Jr.; re, p

Nos. 126-150 Modern Courses

Coral Creek in Florida (Courtesy of Coral Creek)

T126. Pine Tree (T121) 6.90
Boynton Beach, Fla.; 1962; Dick Wilson; p

T126. Kiawah Island Club (Cassique) (T116) 6.90
Kiawah Island, S.C.; 2000; Tom Watson; re, p

T126. Cliffs at Mountain Park (T121) 6.90
Travelers Rest, S.C.; 2013; Gary Player; re, p

T129. Lost Dunes (T133) 6.89
Bridgman, Mich.; 1999; Tom Doak; p

T129. Stone Eagle (T135) 6.89
Palm Desert, Calif.; 2005; Tom Doak; re, p

T129. GC of Tennessee (T107) 6.89
Kingston Springs, Tenn.; 1991; Tom Fazio; p

T129. Giants Ridge (Quarry) (T135) 6.89
Biwabik, Minn.; 2003; Jeff Brauer; r, d

T133. Saucon Valley (Weyhill) (T121) 6.88
Bethlehem, Pa.; 1968; David Gordon, William Gordon; p

T133. Whisper Rock (Upper) (T128) 6.88
Scottsdale, Ariz.; 2005; Tom Fazio; p

T133. Atlanta Athletic Club (Highlands) (T110) 6.88
Johns Creek, Ga.; 1967; Robert Trent Jones Sr., Joe Finger, Rees Jones; p

T133. Sand Ridge (T128) 6.88
Chardon, Ohio; 1998; Tom Fazio; p

T133. Concession (T107) 6.88
Bradenton, Fla.; 2006; Jack Nicklaus; re, p

138. Coral Creek Club (T151) 6.87
Placida, Fla.; 2000; Tom Fazio; p

T139. Sand Hollow (Championship) (T158) 6.86
Hurricane, Utah; 2008; John Fought, Andy Staples; r, d

T139. Palmetto Bluff (May River) (T140) 6.86
Bluffton, S.C.; 2004; Jack Nicklaus; p

T139. Paako Ridge (T126) 6.86
Sandia Park, N.M.; 2000; Ken Dye; re, d

T139. Whisper Rock (Lower) (T133) 6.86
Scottsdale, Ariz.; 2001; Phil Mickelson, Gary Stephenson; p

T143. Aldarra (132) 6.85
Sammamish, Wash.; 2001; Tom Fazio; p

T143. The Bridge (T162) 6.85
Bridgehampton, N.Y.; 2002; Rees Jones; p

T143. Nantucket GC (T145) 6.85
Siaconsett, Mass.; 1998; Rees Jones; p

T143. Golf Club at Black Rock (T151) 6.85
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; 2003; Jim Engh; re, p

T143. Conway Farms (T140) 6.85
Lake Forest, Ill.; 1991; Tom Fazio; p

T148. Spanish Oaks (T145) 6.84
Bee Cave, Texas; 2002; Bobby Weed; re, p

T148. Windsong Farm (T140) 6.84
Independence, Minn.; 2003; John Fought, Tom Lehman; p

T150. Big Cedar Lodge (Ozarks National) (T128) 6.83
Hollister, Mo.; 2018; Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw; r, d

T150. French Lick Resort (Pete Dye Course) (T140) 6.83
French Lick, Ind.; 2009; Pete Dye; r, d, c

T150. Kiawah Island Club (River) (T124) 6.83
Kiawah Island, S.C.; 1995; Tom Fazio; re, p

Nos. 151-175 Modern Courses

Dormie Club

Dormie Club in North Carolina (Courtesy of Dormie Network)

T153. Lajitas Golf Resort (Black Jack’s Crossing) (T147) 6.82
Lajitas, Texas; 2012; Lanny Wadkins; r, d 

T153. Trinity Forest (T140) 6.82
Dallas, Texas; 2016; Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw; p, t

T155. Trump International (T151) 6.81
West Palm Beach, Fla.; 1999; Jim Fazio; p

T155. TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm (T149) 6.81
Potomac, Md.; 2009; Jim Hardy, Steve Wenzloff; re, p, t

T155. Escondido (T147) 6.81
Horseshoe Bay, Texas; 2006; Tom Fazio; re, p

T155. Sherwood (T162) 6.81
Thousand Oaks, Calif.; 1989; Jack Nicklaus; p

T159. Cascata (T182) 6.80
Boulder City, Nev.; 2000; Rees Jones; r, d

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T159. Stone Canyon (T135) 6.80
Oro Valley, Ariz.; 2000; Jay Morrish; re, p

T159. Caves Valley (T149) 6.80
Owings Mill, Md.; 1991; Tom Fazio; p

T159. Champion Hills (T151) 6.80
Hendersonville, N.C.; 1991; Tom Fazio; re, p

T163. Frederica GC (T126) 6.79
St. Simons Island, Ga.; 2004; Tom Fazio; re, p

T163. Kukui’ula (T158) 6.79
Koloa, Hawaii; 2011; Tom Weiskopf; p

T165. Old Memorial (173) 6.78
Tampa, Fla.; 1997; Steve Smyers; p

T165. The Ford Field & River Club (T179) 6.78
Richmond Hill, Ga.; 1987; Pete Dye; re, p

T165. Silvies Valley Ranch (Craddock) (T162) 6.78
Seneca, Ore.; 2017; Dan Hixson; r, d

T165. El Dorado (T158) 6.78
Indian Wells, Calif.; 2003; Tom Fazio; re, p

T169. Rustic Canyon (T162) 6.77
Moorpark, Calif.; 2001; Gil Hanse, Jim Wagner, Geoff Shackelford; d

T169. Austin CC (T176) 6.77
Austin, Texas; 1984; Pete Dye; p, t

T171. Chechessee Creek (T167) 6.76
Okatie, S.C.; 2000; Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw; p

T171. Dormie Club (T151) 6.76
West End, N.C.; 2010; Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw; p

T171. Hamilton Farm (T168) 6.76
Gladstone, N.J.; 1998; Michael Hurdzan, Dana Fry; p

T171. Sahalee (South/North) (T168) 6.76
Sammamish, Wash.; 1969; Ted Robinson, Rees Jones; p

T171. Atlanta CC (T176) 6.76
Marietta, Ga.; 1966; Willard Byrd, Joe Finger, Jay Morrish, Jack Nicklaus, Bob Cupp, Mike Riley; p

Nos. 176-200 Modern Courses

Mauna Kea in Hawaii (Courtesy of Mauna Kea)

176. Santa Ana CC (T168) 6.75
Santa Ana, Calif.; 2016; Jay Blasi; p

177. Trump National (Old) (T162) 6.74
Bedminster, N.J.; 2004; Tom Fazio; p

T178. Forest Dunes (Weiskopf) (T174) 6.73
Roscommon, Mich.; 2002; Tom Weiskopf; r, d

T178. Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards (T174) 6.73
Sunset, S.C.; 1999; Tom Fazio; re, p

T178. Mauna Kea Beach Hotel GC (181) 6.73
Kohala Coast, Hawaii; 1964; Robert Trent Jones Sr., Rees Jones; r, d

181. Bull’s Bridge (T185) 6.72
South Kent, Conn.; 2004; Tom Fazio; p

182. Caledonia Golf & Fish Club (T176) 6.70
Pawleys Island, S.C.; 1994; Michael Strantz; r, d

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T183. Applebrook (T182) 6.69
Malvern, Pa.; 2001; Gil Hanse; p

T183. Colleton River (Nicklaus) (T199) 6.69
Bluffton, S.C.; 1992; Jack Nicklaus; re, p

T183. Silverleaf* 6.69
Scottsdale, Ariz.; 2002; Tom Weiskopf; re, p

T186. Kohler Whistling Straits (Irish) (T185) 6.68
Mosel, Wis.; 2000; Pete Dye; r, d

T186. Mirabel* 6.68
Scottsdale, Ariz.; 2001; Tom Fazio; re, p

T186. Keswick Hall and GC (Full Cry) (T179) 6.68
Keswick, Va.; 2014; Pete Dye; r, d

T186. Golden Horseshoe (Gold) (T185) 6.68
Williamsburg, Va.; 1963; Robert Trent Jones Sr., Rees Jones, Greg Muirhead; r, d

T186. Cog Hill (No. 4 – Dubsdread) (T158) 6.68
Lemont, Ill.; 1964; Dick Wilson, Rees Jones; d, t

T191. Rams Hill (190) 6.67
Borrego Springs, Calif.; 2008; Tom Fazio; re, r, d

T191. Bay Hill Club and Lodge (T196) 6.67
Orlando, Fla.; 1961; Dick Wilson, Arnold Palmer; r, d, t

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T191. King Kamehameha (T168) 6.67
Maui, Hawaii; 1991; Ted Robinson Sr., Ted Robinson Jr., Robin Nelson; p

T191. Liberty National (T188) 6.67
Jersey City, N.J.; 2006; Bob Cupp, Tom Kite; p

T195. Metedeconk National (T194) 6.66
Jackson Township, N.J.; 1987; Robert Trent Jones Sr., Roger Rulewich; p

T195. Glenwild (T191) 6.66
Park City, Utah; 2001; Tom Fazio; re, p

T195. Wolf Creek* 6.66
Olathe, Kan.; 1971; Marvin Ferguson; p

T198. Pebble Beach Resorts (Links at Spanish Bay)* 6.65
Pebble Beach, Calif.; 1987; Robert Trent Jones Jr., Sandy Tatum, Tom Watson; r, d

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T198. Frost Creek (T194) 6.65
Eagle, Colo.; 2007; Tom Weiskopf; re, p

T198. Snake River Sporting Club (T191) 6.65
Jackson, Wyo.; 2006; Tom Weiskopf; re, p

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